June 29, 2011

Summer Vegetable Tartine with Herbed Goat Cheese

Grilled Summer Vegetable Tartine with Herbed Goat Cheese
Summer Vegetable Tartine
Serves as many as you like

Slices of rosemary foccacia
Slices of eggplant, red and yellow peppers, and tomato
Herbed goat cheese, see below
Thinly sliced pancetta or bacon

Allow your sliced vegetables to get a nice char from the grill pan & your pancetta strips to crisp.  Rest vegetables and pancetta on a towel to absorb any excess liquid. Slightly toast your foccacia so that the crust is crunchy but the bread is still soft.  While still warm slather the slices with the goat cheese & then add the vegetables.  Top with sprinkling of arugula and pancetta and serve.  Enjoy!

I didn't add measurements for the ingredients because you can make just enough for yourself or to feed an army. You can use any vegetables or bread you like. Personally I think 2 of these open-face toasties is a perfect serving.

Herbed Goat Cheese - Mix 4 ozs of room temperature goat cheese with 2 teaspoons of fresh, chopped basil, oregano & thyme, and a touch of salt & pepper.  Store refrigerated in a sealed container.  Perfect on top of crackers or in stuffed chicken breasts.
My newest kitchen helper, Lady Louise


Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

Sounds fabulous Lara and very healthy too. I'm crazy about herb goat cheese and use it all of the time. Hope you and that precious Lady Louise are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

Jann said...

You have the best little helper in the world! Lady Louise is adorable! I also enjoy "herbing" up the goat cheese...loved the herbs you used!

Lara B Knight said...

Thank you Sam & Jann! Little Lady Louise has become quite the diva around our house. I hope you both had a wonderful fourth!