June 21, 2011

Orange & Raspberry Cake

Todd's Orange Raspberry Cake
This weekend I made Giada De Laurentiis's wonderful Todd's Orange & Raspberry Cake.  This was the second time I had seen the episode where she puts her twist on her husband's favorite foods & I had not forgotten about this cake.  So I gave it a try & was very happy with the outcome.  The orange zest mixed with the airy white cake plus the sweet/tart zing of the raspberry jam makes it such a perfect summer dessert.  Please follow the link for her recipe & instructions.
The inspiration for the recipe, her husband Todd Thompson, even gave my attempt a "Good Job" review on twitter (just so you know).  Hope you enjoy!


Lara B Knight said...

I followed the recipe exactly, but I did use 9 inch pans rather than 8. I also think these would be amazing cupcakes!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

You heard from Todd on Twitter? How cool is that Lara. Great looking cake. We love Giada at our house (Todd too).

Lara B Knight said...

Sam - Yes he sent me 2 tweets! Very cool! This was a perfect dessert after your father's wonderful chicken.

Jann said...

of course, this is all "low cal" as well as very gorgeous!