October 22, 2010

An evening with Norman Bates...

It is scary how fast time flies. A month or two ago we found out that the oldest movie theater in our town was going to be playing Psycho (hate that I have to even say the original, but I will).  I noted it & to my surprise it actually fit into our schedules.  Last night we realized how long it had been since we had even been out and about in town, just us.  We had a great meal on the patio at El Rey's Burrito Lounge. We enjoyed Queso Del Rey, margaritas, chardonnay, chicken and steak tacos. Followed by the Hitchcock classic on the big screen.  It was fun to watch this movie with an audience, & the old theater was the perfect place.   The Capri Theater typically hosts the independent film circuit. They will also throw in some classics for one night only, like last night.  Seeing  them on the big screen really does take the classics to another level.  It feels good to support local resources & grateful to those who work so hard to preserve our local landmarks.
A little Queso Del Rey never hurt anyone & vino served from a beaker - definitely original!

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Nicole said...

What fun! I love El Reys!