September 17, 2010

It is in the air...

Fall is around the corner.  Of course it is going to be 96 degrees this afternoon, but it is the air. You can smell it. Yesterday my friend Josh and I started talking about how we couldn't wait for the first outside fire of the year. We sounded like goofy 5 year olds.
I will say that my local haunts are not doing anything to discourage this excitement.  After three miles and seeing some wonderful friends at the gym I headed to the Farmers Market on a mission (took the day off from work).  The "Macho" ferns in our front urns finally gave in to the offensive Alabama heat.  While looking for replacements I found these mums.  They will be that beautiful burnt auburn color. Just remember when buying your mums that they only bloom once & honestly if I didn't have empty urns I wouldn't have bought these so close to full bloom.  I know that with this heat I will have to replace them soon anyway so I went for it!
Then I went to my favorite place, The Fresh Market & was greeted by pumpkins!!!   Beautiful, gorgeous pumpkins - I came home with two and everything I need to make my chili. I will share that recipe later in the weekend.  Chili, pumpkins & mums = Hello Fall!
I also came home with these.  One thing you have to know is that I am fascinated by china - I come by it honestly (I had a strange obsession with Limoge plates as a child).  This is definitely the most affordable of my favorites - Fiesta!  I adore it - it screams funky and out of the ordinary.  It says "I don't stay inside the lines or even want to fit into the appropriate box". Color is good!!! See Jennifer - I told you I was up to something.  In my defense there was a sale, buy 4 and get the 5th free.  And the Fiesta I already had needed company.  Ok now I am off to redo my cabinets to make room for my new friends.  Happy Friday!!!


Jennifer said...

I was in suspence all day wondering what you had up your sleeve! I love, love, love, it! Now you know you are going to win PW's give away since you went and did that! Those dishes seem to make eating a really festive experience! You did good!

Lara B Knight said...

I didn't win... well the giveaway at least. Hope you guys have had a wonderful weekend.