September 2, 2010

Gameday Margaritas

In honor of the start of football season & to kick off the Labor Day weekend I am sharing the recipe for my favorite margarita.  This is not a fruity, girlie cocktail.  This is a drink all the guys and girls will love.

Gameday Margaritas, by Brad (these will knock you on your buttums)
1 can of frozen margarita starter
1 can dark rum (using the same can from the mix)
1 can of water
1 beer, can be a light or full calorie just not a dark or heavy variety

Pour all over a pitcher of ice and blend (you can also mix lightly  & let it sit for a bit for an over the rocks option). Serve with limes and salt. The beer takes the tart out the mix and really finishes the drink off. Brad also suggests tasting it after adding about 3/4 of the beer to see if the whole can is necessary.  Trust me you will know.  Enjoy.

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