February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day at an inn in Connecticut from the movie Holiday Inn

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
If only Holidays were like they are in the movies. Getting dressed up and spending the evening eating, drinking & dancing. Oh and the clothes!
Unfortunately now trying to go out on Valentine's is ridiculous.  The crowds & prices - no thanks, too much. Dinner at home tonight is what I have planned - here is our menu:

Valentine's Dinner 2012 
Shrimp Cocktail
Caesar Salad
Filet Mignon with Béarnaise Sauce
Twice Baked Potatoes
Green Beans Almondine with Bacon
Strawberries dipped in Chocolate
Chocolate & Nutella Bread Pudding or Maybe Chocolate & Nutella Crepes - Haven't decided yet...

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Our table setting for Valentine's Dinner


Cuisine de Provence said...

Your menu sounds wonderful - if it was me I'd go for the crêpes.

Lara B Knight said...

Thank you Cuisine de Provence - my husband is in agreeance with you - so Crepes it is!

Jennifer said...

Got a little drool on the corner of my mouth reading that menu! YUMMY!