October 5, 2011

The Things I Love...

Tonight I am very thankful for the blessings in my life & finally realized why I have some of the obsessions I have...
1. A favorite Vacation spot

2. My Mother's Garden
3. Wonderful quirky adventures
4. The Huxtables (explains my love of  Le Creuset)
5. My Loves
My Jonathan

JK being goofy with our "twins" - Walter & Louise

Louise posing in her puppy preciousness
Regal Beauregard - Always the Prince
Always - the Knight Boys

My Nephew & Godson - Sid

To be so innocent   


Penny said...

Sweet post Lara. Loved the Huxtable connection with Le Creuset.

Lara B Knight said...

Thank you Penny!

StephenC said...

What a nice posting. Thank you.

Jennifer said...

I love this post! So sweet! sometimes you just have to stop and count your many blessings don't you? :)