August 8, 2010

Simple is just as delicious

I love spending hours in the kitchen. It's "my thing". I would prefer to cook than dine. I adore the feeling when people truly enjoyed the things I prepare, and when others have the same feeling using my recipes. Not only food, but flowers too. Flowers I can handle, because truthfully I know I can make flowers work. They may not be the most original arrangements of all time, but pretty. Not the same scenario for food. You can work for hours & hours (literally blood, sweat & tears) and there is no guarantee that it is going to be delicious or (in the case of my corn pudding from last Sunday) even edible! Hence the orchid on our kitchen table. Normally I would have come home from the Market with groceries, and many, many flowers. Not today. Not one minute of arranging, just an orchid. And I can admit it is just as beautiful as the arrangements that have sat there before. This week is about simplifying things for me. Maybe I am on the back to school kick, who knows?
With that I am posting a recipe that proves simple is just as delicious.

Katherine's Roasted Okra
(4 to 6 servings)
1 lb of fresh Okra, whole
Olive Oil
Mediterranean Sea Salt

Preheat oven to 425 degrees
Add Okra to a roasting pan and toss in olive oil & salt
Roast for 20- 25 minutes, turning halfway

That is it. I even serve it in the pan. Honestly delicious and could not be more simple. Hope you enjoy. To even make it lighter on weeknights I toss it in cooking spray (rather than oil), salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. OK I am off to work on tagliatelle with fresh corn pesto. Not simple, but I am trying...


Jennifer said...

I will give this a try for sure! It looks so yummy and simple too! I just love the orchid! It is gorgeous! Pesto sounds good too. What do you typically serve with the okra?

Lara B Knight said...

Jennifer - I typically serve it with a chicken dish. The taste is to light to accompany a beef. I need to post my lemon chicken next! Thank you for everything!!! Xoxo
Perfect example - tomorrow night, roasted chicken, pinkeyed peas & roasted okra. Let me know what you think!!!

Penny said...

Wow! What a great way to fix okra. Roasting is they way I love to do lots of vegies, but I never thought of okra. Love your blog. Po in New York is one of my favorite restaurants too!

Lara B Knight said...

Thank you Penny! I hope you will give the Okra a try. Isn't Cornelia Street in NY picture perfect? Have you tried Le Gigot? It is only a few doors down from Po. Thank you again for your kind words!!!

Lara B Knight said...

P.S. Penny - I must let you know I adore your blog and beautiful lake cottage! Your blog is one of my favorites! I am truly flattered.

Krista said...

Thanks for sharing this, Lara. I roast asparagus much the same way. I'll have to try roasting okra!

~ Krista